Thursday, 17 December 2015

Nicki Minaj shamelessly shows off her body

She sure knows how to get jaws to drop, whether she's shaking her back side in Anaconda or taking on Miley Cyrus during an awards show.

On Wednesday Nicki Minaj had a new trick up her sleeve as she shared an incredibly provocative Instagram selfie.

In the snap the 33-year-old singer was wearing a pair of undies so see-through and tight it showed off her lady parts in nearly graphic detail.

The rapper's caption read, 'Babe thanks but I think I need a bigger size.'
Minaj has paired the undies with a white shirt that is rolled up to reveal her midsection.

And the Grammy favorite is standing next to a made bed with white sheets as a TV is turned on in the background.

This comes just days after the outspoken artist told Billboard that her boyfriend Meek Mill had given her a large diamond ring, hinting that they were engaged.
But she denied talk of an engagement.


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