Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Khloe Kardashian admits to having a one night stand in Australia

Khloe has revealed that she had a one-night-stand with a 'performer' prior to her marriage to Lamar Odom.

The reality star opened up about the racy encounter in an online diary filmed on her recent trip to Australia for her website 

She did not identify the man - but gave a number of revealing hints as to his identity.

Khloe explained: 'I met a guy who was performing at the MTV Awards [in Australia], hooked up with him here and left.

'He had to leave town and we both didn't live here, we all came here for the awards.'
Khloe says the encounter was in 2007, but add the disclaimer 'I think'. The 31-year-old was actually pictured at the awards with sister Kim the following year.'

And she gave her BFF Malika Haqq all the juicy details, saying she felt 'so comfortable' with her lover.

'I had the coolest room, and it had a bath – like the whole room was huge and had a bath in the middle of the room. And I was so confident, I took a bath in front of him, I don't know what was happening!'

Khloe laughed that her night of passion backfired when the performer later turned up in Los Angeles - leading to some awkward attempts on his part to reconnect.

'He came to the States and wanted to date me again,' she reminded Malika. 'I never saw him again and I was like, "Uh, no, you're not supposed to come here!"' 

While Khloe specifically says her hook up was a performer, presenters on the night included 50 Cent and G Unit, while award winners included Matt Damon and Timbaland.


  1. khloe is just a silent killer and she acts all matured tho shez the youngest amongst the kardashian

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  2. Naughty naught naughty ...... @ glowy shoe she's not d youngest, Rob is.

  3. These Kardashian women are something else I swear