Thursday, 17 December 2015

Iggy Azalea gets slammed for her picture

Australian songstress Iggy Azalea is once again feeling the heat from haters - and this time it's not over her music.

The 25-year-old shared a romantic black and white snap of herself with her fiancé Nick Young to her Instagram on Thursday.

A happy 30-year-old Young cuddles up close to the rapper who is wearing a black and white polo shirt in the loved-up picture.

Within an hour the photo received more than 76,000 likes. 

However, the 800-plus comments were not as positive.
The singer's haters headed to her social media page to make vile comments about her appearance, her style of music, as well as her relationship with the professional basketball player.

One Instagram user said: 'I bet you look like a man more then [sic] him.'
Another added: 'She's an alien.' 
While one commented about the quality of the picture: 'Her face is so photoshopped!'

But it wasn't all about the hate. 
Iggy's fans did come to her rescue and made positive comments about the happy snap.

One follower said: 'Grow up and stop the racist comments and leave that girl alone like I said... go find someone more relevant to talk about... like the kardashians.....'

Another insta-user added: 'Goals omg I'm so happy for you.'

Recently, Erykah Badu slammed the songstress as she hosted the BET Soul Train Awards. 
The Tyrone singer blasted the artist during her opening monologue, as she said she would not let any rap artists get involved on the night. 

Pretending to take a phone call from the Fancy hitmaker, she said she was welcome because, 'What you're doing is definitely not rap.'

Later on, Erykah retweeted a post which read: 'Life would be wonderful if women celebrated each other instead of emulating garbage like @fatbellybella You have my support @IGGYAZALEA.'

She simply replied: 'Kill joy' in response and continued to retweet positive comments from fans who thought she had done a good job on the night.


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