Friday, 11 December 2015

Hard times hit ISIS as they begin slashing fighters pay

ISIS has been forced to cut the salaries of its murderous fighters because airstrikes on its oil refineries have left the terror group SKINT.

Islamic State currently generates around $80million (£52m) dollars a month through tax, oil sales and trading illegal drugs - but it's beginning to feel the pinch.

Unlike other terror groups, ISIS is running an entire nation and has significant expenses Mirror reports.

The US-led coalition has focused primarily on crippling the Islamic State’s oil income - which makes up about 43 per cent of overall revenue.

RAF airstrikes have "significantly degraded" the group’s refining capacity, and ability to transport oil via tanker convoys.

As a result they are cutting fighters' pay from £263 ($300) a month to just £200.
Columb Strack, senior analyst at IHS, said: "There are early indications that the group is struggling to balance its budget, with reports of cuts to fighters’ salaries, price hikes on electricity and other basic services, and the introduction of new agricultural taxes.

They still have the capacity to produce oil but with Turkey trying to stop smuggling around its boarders, it has affected them since they smuggle to sell.

While the Islamic State’s refining capacity has been largely destroyed, there is likely to be some reluctance to completely destroy oil wells, given the risk of irreversible damage to the fields, and the potential environmental impact.

Their end is very near.


  1. Their end should come quickly

  2. So they even dey pay fighters. It's well oh

  3. I'm optimistic that God will bring them down in no distant time. Heartless set of people

  4. OMG end time is here no doubt.