Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Gangnam Style Hitmaker PSY is Back With A New Kooky Music Video 'DADDY'

He saw massive worldwide success with smash hit Gangnam Style in 2012.
And Psy is hoping to recreate that magic with his next music venture.

  watch video below:

The 37-year-old pop singer released this odd but hilarious music video for his latest single Daddy on Monday.

In the four-minute clip, the South Korean singer showed his range as he portrayed several different characters including a baby, child, father and grandfather.

Much like Gangnam Style, the catchy tune may carry the video but it is the quick scenes and several things going on in the same frame that keeps the viewer's attention.

Another crucial element to the K-Pop music video are the funny yet intricate dance numbers including the main chorus move which involves a hopping two step and flailing arms around.

The music video begins with a silent birthing scene then when the music kicks in a baby with Psy's face superimposed on it begins singing: 'I got it from my daddy.'

It goes on to show the youngster growing up in school and receiving plenty of attention from the girls  (including his teacher) because of his dance moves.

Perhaps the funniest scenes of all are when he plays the three generations of men in the family as they share a meal together, spot each other while doing sit-ups and even dance around the house.
He is not the only singing on the chorus of the new track as CL - also known as Chaelin Lee from the music group 2NE1 - sings 'Hey where did you get that body from?' in the hook.


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