Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas as we know it

As we celebrate Christmas and come to the end of it , we need to really reflect on the essence of
christmas. What is it all about?

A preacher said Christmas means Christ for the masses and that Christ came to crush that seed of self lucifer sowed in mankind. So that who ever allows his/ hers to be crushed shall be reconciled back to original source and inheritance, their reason for man's existence.

Not until then, Christmas has no meaning . Ironically, some see it as exchange of pleasantry. Good and fine, the whole idea is to give up your pride  of self ( the unfortunate seed), the reason for our nakedness, our reason of hiding from  God, our reason for insatiability and absence of peace.

No wonder the greaest achiever of self that ever lived ended up declaring in affirmative terms 'vanity upon vanity'. You have to give Christmas its true meaning now by surrendering all to Jesus Christ, rather than emphasizing who you are,what you are and what you want.
Merry Chrismas


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