Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Charlie Sheen claims his ex insisted on unprotected s*x knowing his HIV status

Charlie Sheen is slamming claims made by his ex-fiancee Brett Rossi in the $5million lawsuit she filed against the actor last week.

Sheen is claiming that Rossi (aka Scottine Ross) not only knew that he was HIV-positive, but also was the one who 'insisted' that the couple have unprotected sex.

The defendant complaint goes on to allege that 'Rossi does not describe how she was having sexual relations with others while she was engaged to Sheen and having unprotected sex at Rossi's insistence.'

Rossi had said in her complaint Sheen did not tell her his status until after they had engaged in unprotected sex five times and she found his medication.

Sheen is also denying many of Rossi's other claims in that complaint, including that he was ever physically abusive to her or forced her to have an abortion after she became pregnant with the couple's child.

Sheen is hoping the court will throw out Rossi's lawsuit due to the non-disclosure agreement she signed the first time they met in 2013 which includes a clause requiring she settle all claims against the actor in arbitration.

Rossi admitted to signing the NDA saying she did so shortly after arriving at his home to have sex with him for $10,000 but now calls the document an 'illegal, invalid and void non-disclosure agreement.'

The pair quickly grew close, and Sheen proposed to Rossi just a few months after meeting her during a trip to Hawaii over Valentine's Day.

A month later, Rossi claims she became pregnant.
Rossi said that she and Sheen wanted to have a baby, and that the actor wanted to name it Charlie if it was a girl.

When she told him the news however he became upset according to her documents which say; 'Sheen indicated that he did not want his child to have his blood type (i.e., HIV-positive) and told [Rossi] that she had to have an abortion.'

 She also claims that in October Sheen had agreed to settle for $1million and a percentage of his Anger Management residuals, but then 'reneged' in favor of a jury trial. 

Sheen and his legal team explain the reason behind this in their complaint, saying that before he and his team could sign the papers Rossi appeared on a website bashing the actor.

That video - obtained by Radar Online and filmed in April of 2015 - showed Rossi at home burning mementos from her relationship with Sheen.

She can be seen sobbing as she yells; 'You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half! You made me get rid of a baby.'

Rossi then adds; 'You offered me a hundred grand after basically being married to you… you piece of sh*t. After everything I f**king did for you and your f**king kids!' 

Sheen's attorneys believe this video and the comments Rossi makes about Sheen's status are a violation of the settlement agreement and that she should now receive no money from the settlement.
'Nearly a year into their relationship, Rossi revealed her true self: A woman motivated by greed and consumed with jealously,' Sheen says in his filing. 


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