Saturday, 14 November 2015

Paris attack survivors sing the French ‘National Anthem’ as they left the stadium.

What a beautiful moment in a sea of tragedy. After being trapped in the Stade de France stadium following a terrifying explosion, the Paris attack survivors proved their undying loyalty to their country. The brave citizens joined together to sing the French ‘National Anthem’ as they left the stadium.

There’s glimmer of light in the darkest hour in Paris. The brave victims inside of the Stade de France, right near where a suicide bomb was detonated, united to show their pride and support of their country by singing the French “National Anthem” as they were finally able to evacuate. 

The terror is certainly not over after a reported 153 people have been killed, but the French are proving that they cannot be silenced. You have to see this beautiful video.

These beautiful, brave people are showing what true defiance looks like. In their most horrifying time, after being trapped in the French stadium during the France Vs Germany soccer game right near where one suicide bomb was set off, they showed that they will not be kept down. After hours stuck fearing for their lives, they were finally allowed to evacuate. However, they did not do so silently.

 As someone recorded their descent, a defiant citizen broke out in song, proudly belting out “La Marseillaise,” the French National Anthem. Hundreds more joined in his chant, proving that they will not be deterred in their love for their country. 

What a breathtaking show of strength. In the wake of such a tragic day, it’s truly amazing that these people could find the will to stand up and sing. 

Multiple places around Paris were attacked on Nov. 13, including right outside the stadium where President François Hollande was enjoying a friendly France vs Germany soccer game, and the Bataclan, where hundreds were watching an Eagles of Death Metal concert.

The death toll reached over 153, according to CNN, before the two gunmen were killed. France was forced to close it’s borders in a state of emergency. To show bravery in the face of such tragedy is a magnificent thing. Our prayers are with France during this tragic time.


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