Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Notorious Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss says 'I'd marry Charlie Sheen' after his HIV secret is revealed

Women from Charlie Sheen's troubled sexual past today told Daily Mail Online they were praying and rooting for the HIV positive star. 

The support was led by Heidi Fleiss, the Hollywood madam who Sheen helped jail but who said she would even 'marry him' - and said she wanted to end a 20-year estrangement to help him deal with the virus.
A transsexual to whom Sheen had been romantically linked also spoke in support of the star, who will formally announce his HIV status in an interview with The Today Show's Matt Lauer.

Sheen is reported to have had the virus for four years, and until now kept it a secret.
But his very public troubles, which have included drug abuse, the bitter collapse of his two most recent marriages, and an ugly fallout with the network which produced and broadcast two And A Half Men may bring him some ability to cope with the diagnosis being made public, Fleiss told Daily Mail Online.
Fleiss and Sheen's close links became public during her trial in 1995 when dramatic videotaped testimony showed a sweating and nervous Sheen tell how he had spent tens of thousands of dollars on her call girls, one on Christmas Day.

His testimony helped convict Fleiss, but it was his evidence which pointed to his future sexual troubles: 'I love sex and I can afford it,' he told the Los Angeles court.
Today Fleiss told Daily Mail Online that she wanted to support Sheen and that the love of his parents Martin and Janet would help him through it.
'Now that his name is out there I would want Charlie to be a role model for people with HIV,' she told Daily Mail Online.
'Of all the people he can show you can live with that and still have a good life.
'He was still do pretty much what he wants and be a good father to his kids.
'He can be a role model to people with HIV.
'I know his mother and father love him and support him no matter what.
'He will always have that love and support.'
He and Fleiss were never a couple but Fleiss, who now lives in Pahrump, Nevada - the same town where Lamar Odom nearly died in a sex and drugs binge - said she still loved him as a friend, and wished they had been more.

'I'd marry Charlie today even if he is HIV. I love him!' she said.
'I was his madam and his friend. We were young and crazy back then.
'If I was with him right now I would ask him to marry me. Of course I would. I love the guy. We never had sex but I wish we had.'
Fleiss said she had known of rumors that Sheen had the virus, which leads to AIDS, for many months but said she did not believe he would have been careless in passing it on.
'I'm not there in the bedroom with him when he's been having sex but from what I know of him, he would have been taking precautions form the moment he knew he had it,' she said.

For one thing, having sex intentionally knowing you're HIV and not telling the other person is against the law. He wouldn't have wanted to do that. It's not worth it for him to get into that kind of trouble.
'He's an honest man. He's happy to say he sleeps with girls and pays for it. That's a real man to me.'
She added that she did not agree with critics who would link Sheen's lifestyle to his diagnosis.
'People will criticise Charlie now saying he deserves what he has got because he has been promiscuous and taken drugs.
'You now what? I'd say f*** those people.
'He doesn't deserve to have HIV. It's not his fault. It's like saying people in a car crash deserve to have been in a car crash.

'And you know what? He STILL has a great life. Better than anyone criticising him. That's for sure.'
One of the key questions which now surrounds Sheen is how he contracted HIV. 
Openly promiscuous, he has surrounded himself with porn actresses some of them, Daily Mail Online has disclosed, transsexuals.
'I have no idea how he got it. Only that he has been with some crazy women, that's for sure,' she said.
She added: 'I will always love and respect him.'
One of those transsexual porn stars who he has been close to also voiced her support.
He was romantically linked to Kayla Coxx in 2006 as his marriage to his second wife, Denise Richards, ended in a bitter dispute and revelations about his infidelity and drug taking.
Coxx told Daily Mail Online she was hoping he would come through the public disclosure of his diagnosis.
'God bless Charlie and what he's going through,' she told Daily Mail Online.
'You've got to be pretty brave to be that much of a public figure and come out about having a disease.
'That just proves it can happen to anyone.'
Coxx, who denied a physical relationship with Sheen, said of her own health: 'I do not have HIV and for certain was never with Charlie in any way where I could have got it from him.'
She added: 'Things with my life drastically changed back when I allegations were going on about he and I around the time of Charlie and Denise's divorce.
'I still deny any involvement with him to this day and the same goes for him.
Sheen's diagnosis had become an increasingly open secret in Hollywood.
It was even the subject of jokes by senior Sony executives, one of whom suggested he was betting that Sheen couple not film 40 episodes each year of Anger Management because he was 'a drug addict' and had HIV. 

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