Friday, 13 November 2015

Kitten nearly explodes with joy when its owner returns home

The video of this cat shows it initially trying to play it cool before it catches sight of its owner and starts bouncing up and down on its back legs and waving its tiny paws 

  We're pretty well accustomed to dogs waiting excitedly by the door for our return.

But this kitten has proved that mongrels aren't the only animals who can get a little over enthusiastic.
The video of this cat appears to show its response to its owner coming home and has been watched more than 5million times. 

It shows the kitten trying to play it cool, by sauntering up to the glass pane initially, buy then it catches sight of his human.
The next thing its bounced up on its back legs and hops up and down while waving its tiny paws on the glass.
The cute moment was shared by Imgur user DatSun280zxt , though it's not clear whether it is their pet.

One commenter said: "Omg I can't handle this!
"This is the cutest thing I've ever seen."
Another wrote: "Is this even real? My cat hardly acknowledges my existence."
Other users joked "this is a dog, not a cat".


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