Thursday, 26 November 2015

Kim Kardashian plans FULL plastic surgery after she gives birth

Kim Kardashian is planning to spend hella dollars in putting herself through a full-body plastic surgery overhaul after she gives birth to her second child, it's being reported.

According to RadarOnline, 35-year-old Kim wants to re-do her boobs, get a tummy tuck and have liposuction on her 'problem' areas as soon as she's recovered from this pregnancy.

An insider told the US news site that Kim has already been discussing her surgery plans with doctors, although – thankfully – she does want to leave it until after her body has settled back down.

She's not planning on getting the work done the same day she gives birth because her pregnancy has been dicey as it is," the source said.

"[But] Kim wants to get the surgeries done because she has always been obsessed with her body … Her body and her appearance are the driving vehicles behind her livelihood, so she has to get back into shape."

However, Kim's husband Kanye West may not be too happy about Kim's transformation plans, seeing as he's lived through the tragic experience of his mum dying after complications with a breast reduction surgery.


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