Monday, 9 November 2015

Kim And Kanye Fight Over North's Hair

Kim is very particular about North's physical appearance and outfits whenever they go out in public," an insider told Radar. "Little North's curly hair can make Kim crazy because it doesn't fit the vision she has for her daughter."

Kim most often pulls North's hair into a very tight, slicked-back bun, "because she likes that look for her," the source said. "Kim is all about control and doesn't want North leaving the house looking less than perfect."

But according to the insider, "North often says 'Mama, my head hurts.' Kris and Kanye have told Kim to stop making North wear that ridiculous bun."

And Kanye has had enough of Kim's micromanagement of North's hair and insisted the toddler wear her hair in natural curls."

But Kim doesn't know how to style ethnic hair, the source claims: "She just wishes North had straight hair."

The idea of "North leaving the house with crazy curly hair is upsetting to Kim," said the source. "After Kanye took North out the other day with loose curls, Kim questioned whether it was safe for their daughter to playing rough and tumble. Kim is concerned North's hair will get caught in something and get injured

Kanye won't back down," however, the source said. "He won't let Kim make North miserable."


  1. Hmmmm Kim should know that North is mixed race na..

  2. Trouble in paradise. Nah just 1 and dey Don dey fight over the child's looks. They should wait till d rest comes. Lol