Sunday, 29 November 2015

Katherine Heigl had a boozy 37th birthday

Her birthday was back on Monday.
So just needed some time to recover before sharing a snap on Saturday of her and her husband celebrating her birthday.

Dailymail reports that the now 37-year-old former Grey's Anatomy star looked like she was having a ball as she readied herself to blow out her symbolic candle.

In the snap, Katherine appears in a white turtleneck sweater, and is about to enjoy an Italian Cream Cake courtesy of her mother.

Husband Josh Kelley, 35, sat next to his sweetheart, and also wore a sweater, though his sported a grey and black argyle pattern.

She accompanied the fun photo with the caption, 'Had so much fun on my birthday that I can't even remember this moment!'

While she did eventually celebrate her own birthday, earlier in the week her focus was on her adopted daughter Nancy Leigh "Naleigh" Mi-Eun Kelley, as Naleigh's birthday is on the 23rd, only one day before her own.


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