Saturday, 28 November 2015

Check out Adele's Hot bodyguard

He's responsible for keeping pop star Adele safe.
But the British singer's 'hot' new bodyguard Peter Van der Veen has caused a dangerous spike in heartbeats across social media for his arresting good looks. See photos below:

The Dutchman's chiseled jaw, shaved head, striking blue-eyes and macho profile has literally sent sections of the internet into a tizzy.

According to dailymail Van der Veen is a man of many talents. 

He provided vocals for Gaga when the pop star needed a robotic-sounding voice on her track Government Hooker. 

He is also on the books of a personal protection agency - so he knows how to handle himself.
And the former bodybuilder was crowned Mr Europe in 2005. 

Some have even crudely suggested that he is a vast improvement on Adele's last bodyguard who had, some say, very 'different' looks.


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