Thursday, 26 November 2015

Buhari Laments !! Our Roads are Dead

President Muhammadu Buhari last night urged senators to join the executive in fixing Nigeria’s poor roads and the railways.

It was the first of such engagements between the President and the senators since the Senate was inaugurated on June 9.

Senate President Bukola Saraki led senators to the dinner, which started with an open session but went into a closed-door.

Nation reports that Buhari asserts that on payment of projects’ counterpart funding, the President urged Senators to go as far back as four or five years and see how Nigeria defaulted in settling counterpart funding on projects. He urged them to rectify the situation.

He said Nigeria was enjoying tremendous goodwill globally and would like the senators to sustain this with their actions and support for his administration.

Specifically, he urged the senators to give the 2016 budget the type of consideration given to the screening and confirmation of ministerial nominees.

“The roads are dead. Those who drive between Lagos and Ibadan will have a lot of stories to tell you. Those who drive from Kaduna to Jebba may have more stories to tell. The same thing is applicable to the East-West road.” 

He added that if Nigeria could get the railways working, lives and fuel would be saved.
Saraki thanked the President for acknowledging the efforts senators put into the screening and confirmation of ministerial nominees.

He promised that the Senate would treat other national issues with the importance they deserve.
“Petrol does not know APC or PDP. We will always work hard in the interest of the country in everything we do,” Saraki said.

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  1. Presido pls leave all dis for minister of transport to worry about. Lol