Friday, 6 November 2015

$7m 'Empire' mansion on sale for just $2.75m because the exotic car salesman who owns it can't dock his boat

It has served as the lavish backdrop on the hit TV show Empire and even was the location for a Pitbull music video but apparently this $7 million dollar Florida mansion isn't enough for its millionaire owner.

In fact, he's now trying to sell it for a third of its estimated value - a bargain $2.75 million - all because he's annoyed he has nowhere to dock his boat.

Exotic car salesman Jonathan Frank has decided he wants to ditch the six bed, 10-bath property so has listed for the knock down price.

The nearly 12,000 square foot mansion is set on an exclusive island in upscale Boca Raton, and is packed with crystal chandeliers, golden buddhas, staircases adorned with imitation roses and leopard print carpets.

But despite its A-list pedigree and lavish features - which include a state-of-the-art movie theater, swimming pool and a thatched tiki pool house - Frank says it's time to move on.

The 41-year-old, who lives with wife Nichole, 33, and their two children 15-month-old Royce and four-month-old McLaren - both named after the cars - told Daily Mail Online: 'We want to be on the water so we can put our boat outside.

'There's a little lake around our property but no space for our boat so we want to be on the ocean.
'Right now we have to drive all the way up to Fort Lauderdale when we want to use the boat.
'Then we have to go to the marina, we have to load the boat up with our stuff etc.

If the boat's behind the house it makes it a lot easier to take your family out and go boating.'
Frank also moaned that the house is surrounded by championship golf courses.

'I live on four championship golf courses but I don't play. I can't imagine how people have the time to go out there for four to six hours a day. I'm just a very busy person.

'So it's time to move on and go to the next fabulous location.'

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  1. The house no be here oh. He finish work 4 the house big time. To bad he's selling it at a lesser price