Friday, 6 November 2015

18-year-old solved his OWN kidnapping while applying to college

A prosecutor says a child who had been missing from Alabama and turned up 13 years later in Cleveland, Ohio was found in part because of red flags raised when he tried to apply for college.

District Attorney Brandon Falls in Jefferson County, Alabama, told local news outlets that Julian Hernandez went to his school counselor for help when colleges kept having troubles matching his social security number to his name.  

Falls says the counselor then ran a search and realized Hernandez was listed as missing by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. 

Authorities say Hernandez was 5 when his mother reported him missing. He is now 18. Falls says it's unlikely he knew he was listed as missing.
Bobby Hernandez with his son before the pair disappeared in 2002.

FBI Special Agent Vicki Anderson tells he was apparently living in Cleveland with his father, 53-year-old Bobby Hernandez, for the past 13 years. 

A woman and two children were living in the same home with the father and son on Cleveland's west side.  It's unclear the relationship between them. 

Hernandez was reportedly able to live with his abducted son for so long undetected because he was living under the alias 'Jonathan Mangina'. 

Hernandez has since been arrested and is expected to face felony charges, including interference with custody, that could send him to prison for one to 10 years. 

He is currently being held on $250,000 bond in Cleveland for tampering with records charges, in connection to the driver's license he was granted in 2012 under his assumed name. His first hearing is scheduled for November 12. 

'We are in the process of getting charges on him and when that happens, when he is adjudicated in Ohio, then he will be extradited back to Jefferson County,' said Lt. Johnny Evans in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.
Julian was just a small child when he was allegedly taken by his father in Birmingham.

Hernandez was meant to be dropping his son at preschool when they both disappeared.  
Julian's mother, who was separated from Hernandez, reported him missing on August 28, 2002.

At the time, police said Hernandez had withdrawn cash from his bank accounts and that the case was a suspected non-custodial parent abduction, reported. 

Hernandez also took some of Julian's possessions. Despite a widespread search, neither Julian nor Hernandez were found.

Over the years new missing persons posters were drawn up with age-progression images of both Julian and his father.

However nothing turned up until October 30. 
On Thursday, Lt. Kevin York said the Vestavia Hills Police Department in Alabama had been in contact with Julian Hernandez's mother. 

He says she was happy 'but also somewhat hesitant because there had been so many false leads through the years.'
York says the woman still lives in the Birmingham area but has asked police not to release her name or address and requests privacy.

At a news conference Thursday, Vestavia Hills police Lt. Johnny Evans said that at age 18 Hernandez is an adult, 'so it's kind of up to him now as to whether he wants to come back.'  

Bobby Hernandez was arrested this week and charged in Cuyahoga County in connection with the abduction.

He is currently charged with tampering with records. Officials say it is in relation to giving false information to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles in 2012 in order to get a driver's license.
Hernandez will face further and more serious charges in Jefferson County, Alabama for the abduction.  


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