Saturday, 24 October 2015

Scott Begs Kourtney To Take Him Back

Scott Disick is in a world of pain now that he’s checked into an L.A.-area rehab — and he’s desperate for the help of his estranged ex, Kourtney Kardashian.

“He has been going through withdrawal,” an insider tells “It’s been really hard on him, and he just needs to know everything is going to be okay and needs assurances.”

As a result, the fragile Disick has been reaching out to his baby mama, circumventing strict rehab rules he not have contact with anyone outside of the facility.

“Scott has been calling Kourtney from rehab,” reveals the source. “The last time he phoned her, he was really upset and emotional.”

During the difficult conversation, Disick, 32, was “begging Kourtney for another chance,” says the source. However, “She’s not giving him any answers right now.”

Kardashian, 36, is well aware that Disick needs time to heal and clear his head, so she told him she wasn’t going to answer any more of his phone calls for the time being.

“Kourtney only did it to begin with because she knew Scott was going through the beginning period of rehab and wanted to know about what was going on with Lamar,” says the source. “Scott’s been really worried about him and asking a lot of questions. He thought he was dead.”

The tragic situation with Odom may have a silver lining. Disick confessed to Kardashian “he could have been the next one to overdose.”

So could Kardashian take a cue from her sister Khloe who had her divorce from Odom dismissed and call off their split in light of Disick’s attempted recovery?


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