Saturday, 24 October 2015

Miss BumBum Brazil and contestant's drama in desperation to win

Bitching, backstabbing, claims of dirty tricks and bribery, voodoo magic, and even the police being called after threats to gouge out eyes. In the fight to be named best bottom in Brazil, nothing, it seems, is off limits.

Welcome to the bizarre behind-the-scenes world of Miss BumBum, one of the strangest, yet most fiercely-fought beauty pageants in the world.

For most on the outside, the annual competition, now in its fifth year, seems like nothing more than a bit of tongue-in-cheek, titillating fun.

But in a nation obsessed with the female backside, officially having the sexiest is akin to royalty - and the battle to claim the crown can get very serious, and very dirty.

Whittled down from 500 candidates, then from the 27 representatives of every Brazilian state, each of the big-bottomed girls who have made it this far believe they can now go all the way - and admit they will do anything it takes to get there.

And according to the women, that has included a plot to 'rip up the face' of one of the contestants, a witchdoctor's black magic spell to bring calamity to a rival, and even paying thousands of pounds to the event's judges for a podium place.

Lazing on sunloungers or hobbling on high heels around a swimming pool in miniscule bikinis, it is perhaps not surprising, then, that there is a distinct lack of small talk among the contestants at the Miss BumBum mansion.

Sabrina Boing Boing, 27, a former Pamela Anderson lookalike, explains: 'When we all met four months ago on the first day we were all the best of friends. But by the second day that had all gone, and the daggers started.

'No-one is friends with anyone. Most of the women can't bear to even look at each other in the eyes. But when they have passed they take a good look at their bumbum, to check out the competition.
'We might not have got to know each other, but everyone knows very well the other girls' bottoms. A lot of the women spend their time bitching about them on social media, saying this one doesn't have a bum, that one is all cellulite.

Most of the women can't bear to even look at each other in the eyes. But when they have passed they take a good look at their bumbum. 
Sabrina Boing Boing 
'There is a a lot of bottom in the house, but not much personality. Some of the women are downright obnoxious. Some have been acting like they've won right from the start, which makes everyone hate them.'

Jennifer Camacho, 30, adds: 'It's each girl in her corner. Nobody trusts anyone.
'There are some really stuck up girls here. They think they'll win just because they've paid to have plastic surgery, but their face still looks like an old passion fruit.

'This is supposed to be a competition about female beauty, but a lot of these hags look more like transvestites.
'I don't think they should be allowed to go under the knife to win. At least I'm completely natural, I've never had surgery, and I've got a 10-year-old daughter.'

Cacau Oliver, the competition's creator, explains that many of the women have wagered everything on their dream to be Brazil's most desired derriere.

He says: 'The search for fame is like a drug, the more you try it the more you want it. We try to offer guidance but these women aren't able to see limits.


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