Friday, 16 October 2015

Lamar Odom poured out his heart to brothel madam about Khloe

A Nevada brothel 'madam' has told how tormented Lamar Odom poured his heart out about the death of his mom and his broken marriage during his four-day sex-fueled drugs binge.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online, Love Ranch general manager TJ Moore revealed how the ailing reality star enjoyed as many as six private 'party sessions' each day with a pair of blonde hookers.

The two-time NBA champ picked Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe from anparade-style line-up that included a transsexual escort and five other scantily-clad women - before summoning the girls to his private suite.

He also stunned staff with his bottomless appetite, gorging on KFC buckets and three T-bone steaks at a time - and by asking for private time with grandmother-of-two Moore, 52, who runs the ranch for boss Dennis Hof.

'It was surprising. I was a little nervous at first but it was clear he just wanted to talk,' TJ told Daily Mail Online. 'He's been hurt a lot, I think he doesn't know who to trust.

I was with him for quite a while. He was mellow, melancholy almost. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, like a son would kiss a mother.'

Lamar, 35, was found Tuesday unconscious on his bed and frothing at the mouth after consuming a cocktail of cocaine and herbal Viagra.

He suffered multiple strokes and kidney damage and has only a 50/50 chance of survival, according to reports.

He has his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian at his hospital bedside, as well as her sister Kim and mother Kris.
NBA friends including Kobe Bryant have also visited. 

TJ, a former nurse, battled to save the fallen sportsman, using her first aid training to turn him over and clear his airways as she and her shocked girls waited for the ambulance.

Just days earlier she had picked Lamar up from his Las Vegas residence before chauffeuring him to the Love Ranch South, a secluded pleasure complex located an hour and a half away in Pahrump, Nevada.

'I actually met Mr Odom on Saturday afternoon. I picked him up in the company car when he called up for a ride in,' recalled TJ. 'He was very easy to talk to. He didn't put on any airs.
'He spoke about losing his mother at a young age. He had lost two more people recently this past summer. It seemed to hit him, you could see the pain in his face.

'But he was pretty mellow, he was calm. He referred to someone getting vindictive during his divorce. That's pretty much all he said but he seemed unhappy about how his marriage had ended.
'He didn't look like he was going to cry but it was obvious he seemed really tired and needed some rest.'
This summer, Odom mourned first the drug-related death of his friend Jamie Sangouthai, in June - who was killed by a flesh-eating disease caused by dirty needles - then the death of Hollywood producer Bobby Heyward, from an apparent drug overdose.

Back at the ranch Lamar was driven in via a private entrance reserved for VIP clients while staff gathered the girls together for a line-up - where customers pick out their favorites.

The eight ladies on offer - all licensed to work legally - included Ryder, Monroe and Madison Montag, a pre-operative transsexual escort. Lamar quickly opted for the two petite blondes.
'He asked to lie down for about an hour. He then came in, we had the line-up – I had eight ladies that day,' said TJ.

'They line up, they introduce themselves and then the gentleman chooses one, two, three or however many he wants and they go negotiate between themselves.

'He actually had them leave the room then he let me know which two he wanted to talk to. He didn't want to offend the others.

'Honestly, it's hard to say what happens in a brothel as we do get a lot of people who come just to talk.
'It's not just about sex – I'm sure that was part of it – but there's no cameras in the bedroom, there's nobody watching. It's just himself and the two ladies.
'They were back and forth throughout the day about five or six times. They said he took three or four naps a day.'

Love Ranch staff admit they supplied Lamar with at least some of the ten herbal Viagra tablets he consumed in the hours before he was found.
They insist the venue has a no-tolerance policy towards illegal substances and deny seeing the star taking anything while there - despite reports that medics later found 'every drug imaginable' in his system.
'He was happy here. He was happy with the ladies. Sometimes he wanted solitude and sometimes he would let us know when he wanted company,' TJ went on.

'When he knew there were no other clients around he came and took a full tour. But if there were other clients about he didn't want to be about. He just wanted to stay back in the suite.

'He are a couple of steaks Saturday night. On Sunday he brought Kentucky Fried Chicken for the whole house then they had three more T-bone steaks that night.

Lamar's estranged wife Khloe Kardashian was among the first family members to arrive at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas Tuesday night to be at his side.
She was quickly followed by Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West, with Kendall Jenner jetting out early from Shanghai fashion week to be with the family.

Even Caitlyn Jenner, who was notably critical of Khloe and Lamar's whirlwind engagement, is reportedly on her way to Las Vegas to see Odom, after spending a few days with her mother Esther who recently broke both hip bones.

TJ said Ryder and Monroe were 'inconsolable' after finding him unconscious and have been praying for his recovery.

Recalling the horrifying find Tuesday, TJ added: 'My young ladies told me I needed to come down to the room. I could hear the urgency in their voices so I ran down there.
'He was laying on his back in the bed. He had white foam coming from his mouth and there was a little bit of blood coming from his nose.

'I used to work in long-term healthcare 30 years ago so some of my training from back then kicked in. First thing you know is to get him onto his side so he didn't choke then we kept trying to get him to wake up.

'I kept letting him know him I was back because I knew he was going to want to talk again that day.
'He was a really great guy. I made a new friend. The girls have taken it hard. We have all been praying, my thought are with him and his family.

'He's a strong guy, he's been through a lot and he can get through this too. I've never really met any celebrities before but he was very easy to talk to, very down to earth, very kind.'