Thursday, 1 October 2015

Kylie Jenner reminiscing about her first kiss

As her first kiss, she'll always remember him fondly. But it seems Kylie Jenner didn't leave the same impression. 

The reality star phoned up her childhood crush after reminiscing about their encounter in a new video posted onto her app and website.

While hanging out with her friends Stas and Sham, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star talks about her first kiss - and then calls him up on the spot to see if he remembers their moment together.
And it turns out she has to jog his memory.

The reality star wore a fitted black tank top and flashed her bra strap in the silly video.
Her brunette hair was pulled up in a cute high ponytail and she played up her famously plump lips with pink lipstick. 

'My first kiss was to Matthew McGraw in Zoe's backyard,' she tells her friends as they recline on a white couch in her house. 

'Love Matthew McGraw,' says Kylie, scrolling through her phone. 
'I still have his number, I can call him,' she says, before doing just that.

When a surprised Matthew answers the phone, she exclaims 'Matthew? I miss you Matthew!'
He answers 'How are you? This is so random. How are you?' 

But when Kylie reminds him about their childhood kiss, he denies it at first.

We were just filming something for my website right now and we were talking about who was my first kiss and we were laughing about it,' she says.

He laughs but then admits: 'I don't think I was your first kiss.'
But the reality star insists: 'You were! Matthew, you know you were. In Zoe's front yard!' 
'Listen, Zoe's front yard, you know what I'm talking about.' she says.

And it appears those details trigger his memory, with Matthew then saying: 'I do know what you're talking about, you're right.'

'Maybe I wasn't your first kiss, but you were my first kiss,' Kylie tells him.

The pair, who obviously fell out of touch as their lives went in different directions, then briefly catch up and chat about Matthew's college and Kylie's 18th birthday party, before saying goodbye.  

As Kylie was catching up with her first flame, her rapper boyfriend Tyga was hitting up an ATM in Calabasas.


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