Saturday, 3 October 2015

Kim's daughter North West bakes cake for Caitlyn Jenner

Kim Kardashian spent some time with Caitlyn Jenner for a clip shared to the E! queen's new website on Friday.

Though the highlight of the clip was when the 34-year-old had a talk with the 65-year-old about wearing makeup - Jenner awkwardly said, 'I am forced to wear the makeup every day' to which Kim snapped it was her 'choice' - there was another interesting tidbit.

The wife of Kanye West showed off a pink, purple and green cake her daughter North West, aged two, made, but then handed it off like yesterday's bagel to her former stepfather

Kim started out, 'Any mom will know this melts you hear... this is the cake she made for me.'
'That is a cake?' asked Caitlyn.

'Is that not the sweetest thing ever?' gushed the Calabasas native. 'She made it for me and was so excited and brought this home.

 I told her I was saving it and not eating it because it was too precious. It's so sweet, right? What two-year-old makes a cake? Oh I should have totally said it was for you.'

Kim then hands it over to Caitlyn as a gift. 


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