Thursday, 1 October 2015

Kim Kardashian is not happy sister Khloe still flirts with ex husband Lamar

Kim Kardashian is not happy with little sister Khloe in the newest clip for Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The 34-year-old shared her worries after seeing Khloe, 31, on the phone with her troubled ex-husband Lamar Odom.

‘I don’t know why Khloe and Lamar are talking, but he hurt her so badly,’ Kim told the camera. ‘As a big sister, I’m just really protective.

And for her to just be flirting with him on the phone makes me sick to my stomach.’
Kim didn’t just express her feelings during the confessional, however. The candid reality star echoed the same sentiments to Khloe.

‘I can’t take it,’ she said dramatically, and Khloe appeared to already be annoyed as she asked her sibling what she was talking about.

The fact that when he decides to come around and be friendly, you’re flirting with him,’ Kim clarified.

Khloe denied she was doing any such thing, asking: ‘I’m flirting with him how? By answering the phone and saying hello?’

Kim then pointed out that she would have had a different attitude if she was on a call with her more recent ex, rapper French Montana.

‘You’re just way more attentive,’ she said. ‘If it was French, you would be like, “Ugh.”’
However Khloe said that Kim was being unfair, because an ex-husband she was with for four years is very different to a guy she dated briefly.

‘Why would French and Lamar even be in the same category?’ she wondered.

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