Sunday, 25 October 2015

Katy Perry performs at major Democratic Party dinner

Hillary Clinton's Democratic opponents heard her mighty roar this evening as she hosted a concert with Katy Perry, and husband Bill, outside the site of a major Iowa Democratic Party fundraiser, then brought the singer to the dinner.

'I have to give a special shout to somebody really special, somebody who's birthday is tomorrow,' Clinton said at the top of her remarks to Democratic activists at the dinner. 'Someone who reminds us that sometimes you just have to let em hear you roar!' 

Perry treated Clinton fans earlier in the day to a set list that contained her hit songs Wide Awake, Firework, and of course, Roar, as she pitched her Clinton for president.

'You're gonna hear us roar - to 2016 and beyond!' Perry shouted during the afternoon's rendition of Clinton's campaign song.

During her own remarks at the rally Clinton said, 'Sometimes it's important, you just have to roar about what you need to fight for.' 

Bernie Sanders was rallying his own supporters down the hill and around the corner as Clinton held her concert. Martin O'Malley serenaded his backers with covers and his guitar outside an entrance of the event beforehand, too.

Clinton won the afternoon, though, with her Perry concert, which the campaign says more than 4,000 people came out to see.

'It's time to wake up America! We can do better. We have better choices,' the pop star, who wore a white dress and American flag cape for the concert, told attendees as she performed Wide Awake.

Of Clinton, she said 'she's my firework' before an America the Beautiful and Firework medley.
'Listen you have so much power, and this is one of the most important elections in over a decade,' Perry told Clinton's supporters. 'So much change could happen. LET'S GO HILLARY!'

Perry made a day out of the Iowa stop and stuck around for the Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner at Hyvee Hall.

Bill Clinton was making his first formal stop on the campaign trail Saturday and spoke before Perry's performance.

'I've never been the warm-up act for Katy Perry before,' 'he said. 'But I am well aware that I am the warm up act.'

Several minutes into his remarks, the ex-president heard was heckled by an animal rights activist, but he refused to let himself be outdone. Clinton told the audience, maybe if you give him a 'big hand,' he'll stop.

'This guy thinks you really came to see him,' Clinton said amid the chaos.


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