Saturday, 3 October 2015

Juliet Ibrahim talks about how she kissed a fellow woman

The movie star revealed this in an interview with Ghana Gist, she said she had kissed a woman before and it was in a movie. She also said the she has never slept with a woman.

I’m not a lesbian. You will be wondering why I’m saying this because people always think I’m a lesbian. I always get questions when I play movie roles and stuffs but I’ve only kissed a girl once and that was in a movie and that was because I had to play a role. I’ve never been with a lady before” said the actress.

Juliet Ibrahim noted that she does not have a problem with lesbianism. “There is nothing wrong with it. You can do your thing if you like it, but I haven’t been with a girl before.

Last month Juliet Ibrahim in an interview said she prefers to marry a white man. “The reason why I think a white man will work for me is because their mentality fits my lifestyle and my career. But if I meet a black man who sits well with my wants and expectations, I will jump for it.

The beautiful actress won the best actress award in a leading role at the 2010 Ghana Movie Awards for her role in 4 Play.


  1. Mtcheeew it's always about u and u go marry oyibo na

  2. Men are the same everywhere oh. Forget mentality.

  3. Abeg eh, spear me with d am not a lesbian talk.