Saturday, 31 October 2015

James Harden's teammates feel the Kardashian curse is on the team

  With Lamar Odom making great strides in his recover, Khloe Kardashian is turning her attention
   back to boyfriend, James Harden.

Unfortunately, the basketball star’s Houston Rockets teammates and friends are less than thrilled about this

 James Harden NBA team, the Houston Rockets, didn’t get off to a great start this season — and the 26-year-old’s teammates are placing the blame on Khloe Kardashian!

 In fact,  the players are just hoping the reality star would get back together with Lamar Odom for real already. Yiiikes, poor James!

 The Rockets lost their home opener on Oct. 28, and it just happened to be the day Khloe flew to Texas to reunite with her man after weeks by Lamar’s side in the hospital. “Teammates gave James flack after their blowout loss. 

They were joking to him that the Kardashian curse is real and, with her in the building, it was destined for them to lose,”  

Most were joking him pretty hard that it wasn’t their play, but that she was in the building, that caused the loss!”

Khloe called off her divorce from Lamar on Oct. 21, but admitted in her People magazine interview this week that they’re not getting back together…especially because she’s still with James. 

Clearly, it looks like James’ teammates were wishing that she’d just get back with the man she married! As we previously reported, Khloe is torn between the two guys, so they might just get their wish one day.

But James isn’t letting the jokes get to him. “He took it all in stride,” our source explains. “Their are no ill thoughts or feelings toward his teammates because they were giving him crap.”

 Hey, the Adidas spokesperson is definitely super into the 31-year-old…and when it comes to love, you just don’t care what anyone else thinks, right?


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