Saturday, 24 October 2015

Former high school teacher is convicted of raising the grades of female students in exchange for nude pictures

A former Pennsylvania high school teacher was convicted of allowing female students to skip class and asking them to send him nude pictures in exchange for giving them better grades.

Wesley Amy, of Bellefonte, was convicted on Thursday evening, according to Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.

Amy, 28, was a State College High School teacher when he was charged in November with corruption of minors and distributing sexually explicit materials. 

Three girls testified Amy encouraged them to cut class and send him photos while he was teaching computer classes and gave out grades they didn't earn in return, the Centre Daily Times reported.

The prosecutor said the girls were brave to testify under the circumstances, WJAC-TV reported. 

Amy, who reportedly sent 'sexually suggestive' photos and messages to one of the students via social media, resigned from the school last June. 

'Anytime you have a teacher trading grades for pictures of high school girls, it's really sad and disturbing,' said District Attorney Miller.

Amy's defense team argued the entire thing was a misunderstanding and he had only been joking around with the girls, according to WPXI. 

'That's what pedophiles say when they're caught. I mean, they have no other way out,' Miller said.

Another high school employee testified that when she took over Amy's class, she found the girls were making good grades without doing any documented work.

Amy will be sentenced on December 10 and is required by state law to register as a sex offender for the next 25 years.

He is also no longer certified to teach in Pennsylvania.

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