Thursday, 1 October 2015

Baby born with two noses due to rare genetic condition

This is the baby has been born with two 'noses' thanks to an incredibly rare genetic condition.
The tot, named Baby Angelito [little angel] by his parents, was born in Chimbote, in the western Peru.

Paediatrician Jose Castillo said the strange deformity was a very rare disorder called Patau syndrome, which happens once in every 10,000 to 15,000 births.

He said that the baby is stable and keeping down the food he is being given and that his heart and respiratory system are also working fine.

The boy's parents, mother Lorena Rodriguez Zavaleta, 20, and the father, who has not been named but is aged 25, are constantly at their son's bedside.

The baby was transferred from his home in Nuevo Chimbote to the Hospital del Nino some 300 miles away in the capital Lima where he will need to undergo an operation to treat his malformation and give him a normal nose.

The hospital's neonatal care boss Carlos Arrestegui Ramos said: "He doesn’t have difficulty breathing now, but he will need plastic surgery."

He added that further tests would be needed to determine how else the boy's mutation had affected his body.

The mayor of the Nuevo Chimbote district in Lima, Valentin Fernandez, has presented the young parents with a gift of nappies, milk and money to cover their stay in the capital whilst their newborn receives treatment.


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