Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Tyga disses Kylie's snapchat skills after she compares him to Drake

Kylie Jenner 18 and Tyga, 25, have been boasting their love-fest for months now, however, the proverbial honeymoon phase might be wrapping up.

 The duo have been having fights, and both parties are hitting the other where it hurts. Kylie is insulting Tyga’s career, comparing him to Drake, while Tyga is dissing Kylie’s Snapchat skills– yes, Kylie “Queen of Snapchat” Jenner.

The beef between Tyga and Kylie is all stemming from Kylie’s desire for her man to step up his career. “She’s not berating him to do so, she’s simply encouraging him.''“She asked him once, ‘Don’t you want to be in the club and hearing the fans rap one of your songs like they do Drake?'”

Predictably, Tyga did not enjoy that unfavorable comparison one bit. “He got extremely offended and heated,” added the source.

“He said, ‘Bae, how dare you compare me to that meathead, Drake. That’s f–ked up. You don’t know nothing about rap.'” And then, Tyga decided to make things real personal. ” [Rap has] much more skill involved that sitting around Snapchatting all day.
Kylie didn’t take offense to it,”. “All she said was, ‘you’re right’ and ‘I was just trying to motivate you.'”


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