Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Kylie Jenner and Tyga breaking up?

Kylie Jenner 18, and boyfriend, Tyga, 25, are experiencing a rough patch. With Kylie’s fame at an all-time high, so too is Tyga’s frustration with how “obsessed” Kylie has become with both her appearance and herself. He is nearly done with her behavior.

“On the outside, things may look like it’s all peaches and cream but behind closed doors, Kylie can be a real bitch and Tyga doesn’t like it one bit,” . “He’s annoyed by her. She can’t stop talking about herself and it’s getting on Tyga’s nerves.”

Apparently, Kylie’s focus on the skin-deep has gotten so severe recently that she has morphed into a different person. “She’s been a superficial monster lately,” said the source.

“All she does is read about herself and think of ways to become even more famous than she already is. The other day they were late for dinner because Kylie tried on 14 different outfits before they even left the house.”

Okay, but this is a Jenner we’re talking about here. Surely, appearances have always been important. So, what’s changed now to make Tyga so unable to accept Kylie’s behavior? It’s all about Kylie’s priorities! “She’s obsessed with perfection and is more concerned about her appearance and her fame than she is Tyga and their relationship,” added the source. Yikes.


  1. Let them hurry it up. I don't even like that Tyga guy with those tattoos all over his body.